Neighborhood Services

The following is a brief description of the services provided in the Potomac Farms neighborhood:

Covenant Enforcement Services The District is responsible for enforcing the covenants within Potomac Farms. The District contracts with its management company to provide these services. The District's board establishes enforcement policies and monitors the enforcement services provided by the management company.
Architectural Review Services The District is responsible for providing architectural review services to homeowners in Potomac Farms. The District's Board currently performs the functions of the Architectural Review Committee (the ARC). The Board is responsible for evaluating whether each homeowner request complies with the community’s architectural design guidelines (a copy of which can be downloaded from the document library on this website).
Snow Plowing - Streets The streets around the single family homes are owned and maintained by Commerce City. Thus, the City is responsible for plowing the snow off of the streets around the single family homes. Per the City’s current snow plow plan for the Potomac Farms neighborhood, the City only plows only one east/west path across the neighborhood--East 105th Place. No other streets in the Potomac Farms neighborhood are included in the City’s snow plow route.

Snow Plowing - Sidewalks The District is responsible for plowing the snow off of all sidewalks located on District-maintained open spaces (which includes the sidewalks surrounding the perimeter of the park area, the walking paths along 106th Avenue and the paths between Worchester Dr and Victor St, and the sidewalk running along Potomac Street. The District contracts with its landscaper contractor to provide snow removal services.

Homeowners are responsible for removing snow around their own lots.
Garbage Collection Commerce City provides weekly garbage and bi-weekly recyclable pick-up service to all residents in Potomac Farms. As of January 2020, the City contracted with Republic Services to provide garbage pick-up services for City residents.

Garbage pickup occurs on Thursday of each week. For those weeks when a holiday occurs, garbage pick-up will be pushed back to Friday.

Street Parking Enforcement The City (through its police department) establishes and enforces ordinances regarding parking on City-owned streets. Per City ordinances, vehicles cannot be parked in front of residences for more the 8 hours unless such vehicles are registered to that address.

The streets within the neighborhood are also subject to the covenants, conditions and restrictions provided in the Potomac Farms Declaration document.
Open Space Landscaping Maintenance The District maintains the landscaping of all common areas.The map of the open spaces within the neighborhood can be accessed HERE.
Park Equipment Maintenance The District owns and is responsible for maintaining the park equipment at the Potomac Farms playground.
Graffiti Removal Generally, property owners are responsible for removing graffiti off of their fences and other structures. However, Commerce City provides a free graffiti removal service to property owners who request such service.
Street Light Maintenance United Power is responsible for maintaining the street lights throughout the Potomac Farms neighborhood. Any maintenance issues or concerns regarding the street lights should be directed to United Power. For more information go to the United Power website at
School Busing The neighborhood is located within the Brighton 27J School District. Consequently, homeowners should contact the school district for further information regarding school bus schedules.
Mail Delivery Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday each week by the US Post Office. Mail for the Potomac Farms neighborhood is processed through the US Post Office branch located at 7351 Magnolia St in Commerce City, CO 80022.

The District is responsible for maintaining and repairing some community mail boxes in the Potomac Farms neighborhood.
Mosquito Control Commerce City is responsible for providing mosquito control services to the Potomac Farms neighborhood. The City has outsourced this service to a third-party contractor—Vector Disease Control International. Concerns about mosquitoes and the need for neighborhood spraying should be called in to (303) 428-5908.
Utilities The following utilities service the Potomac Farms neighborhood:

Water – South Adams County Water & Sanitation District
Electricity – United Power
Natural Gas – Xcel Energy