District Owned/Maintained Fencing

The District owns and maintains approximately 7,025 feet of fencing around the neighborhood. Specifically, the District maintains the following fencing:
  • 6-ft tall cross-board fencing and 82 brick pillars running along 104th Avenue, Potomac Street and 108th Avenue (4,850ft)
  • 3-ft tall split rail fencing (1,550ft)
  • 4-ft tall shadow-box fencing (900ft)
  • 6ft tall dog-eared picket fencing (935ft)

Maintenance of these fence lines and brick pillars represents a significant financial investment and expense to the District.

Homeowners whose lots border District fencing may be billed by the District for costs incurred by the District to repair damages to the fencing cause by homeowners (e.g. damage caused by pets; water damage caused by homeowner sprinklers spraying directly on the fence line; heavy items stored against the fence line, etc).

Fence Stain Colors

The fence lines running along 104th Avenue and Potomac Street were painted using SC-533 Cedar Naturaltone (Behr DeckOver brand).