Covenant Enforcement Survey Results

  The Board is interested in hearing the opinions and concerns of the residents of Potomac Farms--especially as it pertains to covenant enforcement. The Potomac Farms covenants were created to help ensure all homeowners maintain and use their lots in a manner that helps protect property values and supports a high quality-of-life standard throughout the community. Certain restrictions are very specific (e.g. no raising of livestock or poultry, no storing of boats and campers in the driveways) and other restrictions are intentionally worded with vagueness (e.g. maintain lots " all times in good repair and condition...") to allow the community latitude on establishing minimum lot maintenance expectations.

Nearly everyone has different views and opinions on what the minimum lot maintenance standards should be and how strictly such standards should be enforced.

Thus, covenant enforcement is a process which your Board will never be able to please everyone. Consequently, the Board believes it is appropriate to periodically survey the homeowners to obtain their opinions and views regarding the covenant enforcement process and, based on the survey results, adjust the maintenance expectations and enforcement standards.

 2016 Covenant Enforcement Survey Results
Survey Period:

April 01, 2016 to
June 26, 2016

# of Respondents: